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Posted by Michael James | Thursday, April 05, 2012 | 1 comments »

We are currently accepting ads at Papercraft Paradise: 
728x90 leaderboard for $80 a month, $300 for 6 months or $500 per year
 125x125 banners for $20/month, $100 for 6 months or &160 per year
125x30 for $5/month, $40 for 6 months or $65 per year

Majority of the visitors are from the US and Europe.
Contact me at for site stats, ad prices and other details.
Only Paypal is accepted.


  1. Unknown // Thursday, 08 May, 2014  

    I'm always after all your new updates to your blogs and I'm always waiting for the newest news to make more papercrafts. I'd be very happy if you could see one of my newest creations, a panda papercraft
    Thank you!