SD Zeta Gundam Papercraft

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Oh yeah! Another good-looking Gundam papercraft. This model has 8 pages of un-colored parts. Yup, that means you have to print these on colored card stock(gray, blue, dark blue, red and yellow). If you don't have the colored paper then you're gonna have to do the tedious job of manually painting the parts using MS paint. If I'm not mistaken, this model will be available only until May 6.
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Aliens Papercraft Version Two

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As promised, the new version of Aliens papercraft is up and running. He didn't add anything new to the Aliens section. I hope he''ll find more time to update the Hadley's Hope colony. On the bonus section, you will find a couple of ships from the PSP game "Wipeout Pure." A new theme dedicated to the movie Terminator is also up. Right now a 1:1 scale terminator chip is available. A 1:1 scale endoskeleton is definitely something to look forward to. There's also a car from the PS game Ridge Racer. The prototype Attacker Akane plane from the arcade game "1944" is also back after disappearing from his old site.

SD Strike Freedom Gundam

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Another sd gundam model has come up. It seems like there's a new gundam model out every week. A gundam freak like me just can't resist a good model like this one. You can download either the pdo or jpg files wherein you have to print 10 pages of parts.
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Hadley's Hope 3d Model

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Jan Rukr, one of the best paper modelers around announced his plan to put up a new version of his aliens papercraft. We can expect a couple of new papercrafts, info and designs. The video above shows the LV-426 Colony wherein the parts in yellow can be downloaded here. It's been a long time since he last updated his site that's why I'm really excited. Yipeee!

Architectural card models

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This site offers nine beautiful architectural models. Kids might have a hard time building these models as some of the parts are very small. Despite that, the parts are very well detailed. The watermill model above has only 6 pages of parts which is good for those who want to save on ink.

Honda S2000 Papercraft Car

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Build this car papercraft in two modes, with the roof or top-down. There are 13 colors to choose from.
Honda S2000

Soviet Space Models

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Real space modellers are in for a treat. More than a dozen of highly-detailed Soviet space launcher, rocket and satellite papercrafts. These models vary in scales and complexity. I'm thinking of building the Energia model which has about 27 pages of parts. Enjoy!

SD Captain America

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Don't fret over Captain America's death. Have him by your side anytime, anywhere by building this hero's papercraft along with many other hako models. Go to the science fiction section and you will also find a couple of space ships. The toons section offers even more models including everyone's favorite, Spongebob squarepants.

Card Box

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Create your very own papercraft card boxes. Materials that you'll need are black tissue paper, paper board and a decorative paper. For the last one, I think I'll just find a graphic template from the web and print it on a paperstock. I'll try to make an anime inspired box with my name on it. Just use your imagination and I'm sure you'll come up with a good looking box papercraft.

Star Wars Papercraft Easter Egg Boxes

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Who says the Easter Bunny doesn't need a little help once in awhile? Make these cute Yoda and Chewbacca Papercraft Easter Egg Boxes, illustrated by Star Wars artist Katie Cook, to hold your favorite decorated eggs.

small paper ships

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Ever wanted to build nice-looking ships that aren't complicated? Your search ends here. These papercraft ships can be built using only one sheet of card stock each.
papercraft ships

Final Fantasy Papercrafts

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Lots of cool models from this site. Get to build Vivi from Final Fantasy 9 and a gunblade from FF8. You can also download a couple models from Metal Gear Solid, a Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, rabbid from Rayman, a keyblade from Kingdom Hearts, Death Jr., a gravity gun and a couple more from Half Life.

Lunar Module Papercraft

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Download this beautiful 1:48 Lunar Module paper model model plus a 1:96 Chinese rocket Chang Zheng and a 1:48 Japanese Imperial navy submarine Ko-Hyoteki. Just hit the download button.

Train Time Machine Papercraft

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Here's a very nice train model from the movie "Back to the Future." The model is a bit complicated and you have to print 7 pages of parts and another one on a transparent sheet.