Animal Papercrafts

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Konica recently added a frog model. You can also download a parrot, a tiger and a penguin papercraft.

Honda Motocompo Papercraft

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You can download that small motor in three different colors(red, yellow and white). The model has three pages of parts. You can also get F1 cars and upgrade parts.

KEV-03 Rooster

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Cute model don't you think? I'm not too sure though if this papercraft is from a game or anime. To download, just open the jpeg and save it on your computer. Don't forget to get the instructions. There are other downloads like mp3s and wallpapers. Enjoy!

Space Shuttle

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To all space shuttle fans, this is the site for you. You can build a 1:144 scale Space Shuttle papermodel in several versions: A Full Stack version with External tank and boosters or a single Orbiter with either a closed or open payload bay.

SD TR-1 Gundam

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This model was released last december and I finished building it only last week. To download, right click on Hazel A-I and click "save target as." After getting all the files, you'll notice that the pages are of different sizes. Here's what you have to do:
1-Open MS Paint and create a page with the size 3305 x 4675 (that's the size of sheets A,B,C and H).
2-Open any of the remaining parts(D,E,F,G & I) with MS paint and copy and paste the parts to the first page that you created.
3-Colors the parts according to the label. Dark Blue for the parts of E, yellow for F, etc.
Now you can print all the parts without problems. Click the link on the bottom of the parts for the instructions.
RX 121-1 Gundam TR-1

C-130 Hercules

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The Royal New Zealand Air Force released the paper model of a C-130 Hercules airplane. The model is very simple with only four pages of parts. Instructions included.

Fish and Dragon

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I found two simple but nice looking models today. The fish has only one page while the head which is more detailed has four.

Hako Papercraft

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Just in time for the movie, here's a hako Ghost Rider papercraft. The rider has 2 pages of parts and the bike has 6.
Ghost Rider

Aircraft Carrier and Navy Ships

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Warning: These ship models are not for the faint of heart! Due to the very small parts, some people might find these too difficult to build. You can get an Aircraft Carrier, two cruisers, a destroyer and a couple more plus a Chinese warship. All these models are of the same scale which is 1/700.
dead link

Small F1 Cars and Helmets

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I'm not really into car models but this one caught my attention. My first and only built car papercraft from epson didn't turn out too well. You can get a handful of small F1 papercrafts and also lots of helmets. Most of the models have only one page of parts. You can also get a pit and a part of a racetrack.

Airbus Papercraft

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Here's a very nice Starflyer Airbus A-320 papercraft from Canon. This plane model has 18 pages of parts. They also released a beautifully detailed Chinese Dragon last week. Check 'em out.

SD Robots

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If you love Gundam like me then these robots must be familiar to you. You can build the SD papercraft models of MSN-02 Zeong, MA-08 BYG-ZAM, MS-09 Dom, MSM-07 Z'gok and MSN-100 HGUC. Click on the Gundam Series to get to the downloads. You can also get Hello Kitty, Woodstock and Charlie Brown from PEANUTS. To download the files, just click the "no thumbnail" link. Don't forget to save the pictures for instructions.

Bus and Taxi Papercrafts

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It's time to build some bus models for a change. You can get numerous bus models in 1:50 or 1:80 scales. You can also find a couple of taxis. Very easy to assemble as most models have only about two pages of parts.

Giant Robo

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Another anime robot papercraft released. The GR-1 papercraft is about 22 cm high when finished. Get it now before it disappears. I just missed GR-3 :(

Nice Bunny

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Create these paper models with big scissor like ears. You can download the three models together with the turntables and speakers. Just click "The Nicebunny Paper Toys" for downloads.