Anime Robot Papercraft

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Here's a good-looking cat robot for you guys. I'm not really sure though if this character came from a cartoon, an anime or a video game. The card model comes with 5 pages of un-colored parts that you have to print on colored paper stock. The color theme depends on you. I will go the hard way of coloring them manually.
Robot Parts
Head Instructions
Arms Legs

More Designer Papercrafts

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Lots of designer toy sites are being discovered recently. Maarten Janssens' "3 eyed bear to" is one of them. Check out the "Golddiggers," three mice with their golden cheese, a customized bear with an expensive skin by Louis Vuitton and more.

Tank Models

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Designer Papercrafts

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Check out this cool designer toy created by Marshall Alexander. There are currently 2 models available. Just click on the down arrow buttons to download.
Marshall Alexander

Limited Edition Hako Papercraft

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Furni Meets Big Chief-this cute hako papercraft is available to the first 5000 downloaders only. Get it before it's gone!

Harvest Moon Papercraft

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Harvest Moon is probably the most addicting game that I've come across. I have played it on different platforms like SNES, gameboy color & advance, N64 and playstation. The game will never be complete without the dog and of course, the cows. These animal papercrafts are very easy to build with only a page of parts each.

Sega's Tornado Plane Papercraft

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From Sega, the creator of the side scroller game Sonic the Hedgehog comes another cool papercraft. The Tornado airplane has 3 pages of parts and another 3 for instructions. You can also get the game platform model that they released earlier.

Giant Hornet Papercraft

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The giant hornet(Vespa mandarinia) is the world's largest wasp. It is also called the "Yak Killer Hornet" because it's venom can kill a person. The real insect can grow up to 1.8 inches. The papercraft however is about 9.5 inches long when built. You have to download 5 pages of parts to create this giant reaslistic insect paperecraft.
Insect Papercraft

Tiger I Papercraft Tank

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Tiger I is the common name of a German heavy tank of World War II. The Tiger I was in use from late 1942 until the German surrender in 1945. It was given its "Tiger" nickname by Ferdinand Porsche (the roman numeral was added after the Tiger II was produced).

Sega came out with several 1/144 papercraft tanks for the game "Advanced Daisenryaku 2001" for the old dreamcast console. You can view the papercraft tank gallery which includes the King Tiger, Panther Ausf G, M4A1/A3 Sherman, SU-85, SU-122 and two variants of the T-34 here. Unfortunately, they only have the Tiger I papercraft for download.
Tank papercraft
Photobuild Instructions

Giant Robo 7 Papercraft

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Giant Robo 7 paper model released today. Wow! This is one of the toughest looking robot papercrafts I've seen. Download it now before they release the GR-4.
Giant Robo Papercraft

Hako Papermodels

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Too busy to build those complicated papercrafts? Why not try these simple but cute paper models?