Dewmuffins Holiday Sprite & Whimsies Papercraft

Posted by Michael James | Thursday, December 19, 2013 | , | 0 comments »

The Whimsies are little beings with magical powers to bring out your holiday spirit. Just set one down next to someone that you hope to receive a gift from. Start thinking of that gift, and poof! the Whimsie will telepathically transmit your gift idea into their head.
The "Holiday Sprite" is a great craft for all those who are finished with their holiday shopping and have a few days before the holiday to create a festival craft to brighten any part of the place. It's designed for children of all ages.
The guys from Dewmuffins have two cute holiday-themed paper crafts. There's the four different Whimsies and my personal favorite, the Holiday Sprite.
Dewmuffins Holiday Sprite Papercraft
Dewmuffins Holiday Whimsies Papercraft