Dewmuffins Transformed Candy Corn Papercraft

Posted by Michael James | Friday, October 11, 2013 | , , | 0 comments »

"Are they cute, or are they scary? You Decide.
One side cute and sweet, the other not as much.
Create your own 3D Transformed Candy Corn D-I-Y Papercraft Project. There are 6 in all, and they are simple to make. Just download, print, cut and assemble. Each design is absolutely free to download. So collect them all to share with friends and family. Each papercraft is about 4” (10.16 cm) tall".
The guys from Dewmuffins are back with a Halloween-themed papercraft project that you can build and collect. There are 6 designs to choose from: Dracula, Frankenstein, Wicked Witch, Zombie, Scarecrow and Candy Corn.
Dewmuffins Transformed Candy Corn Papercraft