Twin-Rotor Helicopter Papercraft

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A helicopter is a type of aircraft which is driven by a rotor. Its engine causes the long, thin wings on its top known as a rotor to spin, helping it to lift off the ground. Compared to fixed-wing airplanes, helicopters are slow and not as fuel efficient, therefore they are only able to fly for short distances. However, their ability to freely fly vertically, backwards, and sideways, and to hover in the air, means they can take off and land even in small spaces. This means they are in wide practical use for transporting supplies, for rescue missions, and for aerial work services.This paper craft is a model of a twin-rotor helicopter, a type of helicopter with two rotors on the same axis-Canon
This model has 7 pages of parts and was designed by M. Kajiwara.
Twin-Rotor Helicopter Papercraft


  1. Ringmaster // Saturday, 20 October, 2012  

    This helo has sparked a lot of comment ofer at papermodelers, due to it not being identified.
    It bares a lot of resemblance to a K32a, but clearly is not. My guiss was a civilian verion of the military K32, but I could not find a picture single bird in civil libery.