US V-2 Rocket Papercraft

Posted by Michael James | Friday, March 02, 2012 | | 0 comments »

Niels Knudsen has just launched his third V-2 rocket papercraft. The black and yellow model is the third V-2 fired in USA after the war in 1946. It is scaled at 1:96.
The black and white model in the background is the v-2 A4v4 prototype, which is the first succesfull v-2 rocket that von Braun launched in Penem√ľnde Germany in 1942 while the other rocket in the back is Bumper-Wac, which was a combination of a V-2 rocket with a Wac-corporal rocket at the top launched at White Sands Proving Ground in 1949. 
US V-2 Rocket Papercraft


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