Desktop Gremlins - ME-KI Tiki Papercraft

Posted by Michael James | Thursday, March 15, 2012 | , | 0 comments »

Well, the ME-KI TIKI is like a MOOD BAROMETER! With its built-in “expressions cartridge” a ME-KI TIKI on your desk is ready to be instantly repositioned to match your feelings, anytime a new mood strikes! Use it as a warning sign or a conversation starter! Let the ME-KI TIKI speak for YOU-Desktop Gremlins

If you can't get enough of the free Me-Ki then you might want to get the fundraiser edition that enables you to display 96 different and hilarious ME-KI TIKI moods! Just donate through Paypal to get it plus more freebies.
Desktop Gremlins - ME-KI Tiki Papercraft


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