Rilakkuma(Relaxation Bear) Papercraft

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Rilakkuma (リラックマ, literally a combination of the Japanese words for relax and bear; also called Relaxuma and Rirakkuma) is a Japanese character produced by the San-X company. He is a brown bear who lives in the house of an office lady (OL) named Kaoru. Rilakkuma, true to his name, enjoys relaxing so much to the point that he despises standing up and is often depicted as lying down while sleeping, watching television, listening to music, relaxing in a bath, or eating his favorite foods (which include omelets, dumplings, pancakes, and pudding). There are sometimes obstacles which stand in his way of relaxing--most notably Korilakkuma, a smaller, younger and mischievous white bear, and Kiiroi Tori, a yellow chicken which often tries to pester Rilakkuma. Curiously, Rilakkuma chooses to be a kigurumi, meaning the Rilakkuma often seen in picture books and the like is actually a costumed character; however, supposedly the animal that is underneath the costume looks similar." (Wikipedia)

You can build everything in the picture except for the stand.
Bear Paper Model


  1. Shin // Sunday, 23 November, 2008  

    This is a lie!

    I print this bear and mine don't look like this!


  2. Anonymous // Thursday, 19 November, 2009  

    o que eu estava procurando, obrigado